Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Holidays ♥

Guess what?

I'm free from exam,
free from stress,
Finally can take a rest now.

Mr.Chin hand out Add Maths paper to us today,

Actually I already predict that I'll have a shitty result for add maths,
it even beyond my imagination,
worse than my prediction of course.
I wanna cry,
but I'm trying to control myself,
and now, I don't know am I feel sad or not,
what I know is I'm disappointed on my bad result.

Holidays begin tomorrow,
will I do nothing at home as usual?
No, I wouldn't,
I hope I wouldn't do so.

Tomorrow, hmmmm, today actually,
*because its over 12am right now
I'll date with my Mr.Bii after meeting,
can't wait to see him,
I've a lot of thing to tell him,
I miss him.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 100th "Daysary" ♥

Add maths and history paper 2 for today.

For add maths,
I've no time to do all equations,
super duper extremely difficult,


History huh,

write my essay questions depend on my creativity,

and those rubbish in 2 Cempaka, *beside my class*


They chat loudly,

dirty words around,

they even sing 月亮代表我的心, 路邊一棵榕樹下 etc.etc.

my gosh,

no discipline one,

make us feel very very annoying,

really hope to go and slap them.

I bought a top hat and a cap,
nice? Hmmmm,
2 of them nice, but I'm fugly.

*I love this ;*)

HAPPY 100th "DAYSARY" WITH MY MR.BII for yesterday,

love him soooooooo much,
I'm sure there'll be no ending for our love story,

our undying love will last longer than forever.


these are what I promised euu,






Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Header ♥

I already change the header here,
hmmmmm, nice?
or prefer previous header?

Nothing to write right now,

continue updating tomorrow may be.

Feel dizzy all the day,
but still need to finish up my revision first.
I've been tortured by History and Add maths,

Go to Ipoh later,
fetch my yiogo to his friend house.
He'll go for medical housemanship in Sarawak soon,
*some pictures might be post up afterward.*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madness ♥

Don't know whether my stupid computer or the connection hor,


keep on clicking refresh like a mad girl, Arrgghhhh.

Am I look alike with Japanese girl or a mix? *boastful huh?*
I'm exciting when somebody say that I look like a Japanese,


English papers and History paper 1 today.

When I double checking my History paper,

hmmmm, speechless.

Physics paper and Chinese paper 1 for tomorrow,

I even haven't memorize all those formulae.

My brain full of tamadun, Nabi Muhammad, Agraria and yuckies.


Having flu right now.

Or H1N1 may be??


Shitty hot weather cause many people to fall sick recently,

may be I'm one of them soon.

I keep thinking about Mr.TT when I listen sad music and songs,
not miss him actually.

Happy because I didn't cry whenever I think about him anymore,

I'm proud of that.
*hmmmm, may be just for today?*

Who care.

I'll stay with my Mr.Bii as long as I can breathe,
woah, we have been together for over 3 months, heehee.


Do you willing to be my future husband?

Cause you're my everything.



I'm gettin mad.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

16th B'day ♥

I'm 16 now!
Hahaz, damn excited.
I had a great b'day this year.

*gift from Toy, luvz it.

My ah gor in Singapore now, Chee How,
phoned me to greet me,
so touching.

I still remember,
last year,
Mr.TT was by my side,
he celebrated with me,
he made me an unforgettable b'day.

no more Mr.TT,
he is gone,
although I'm sad for quite a long time,
I have my Mr.Bii now,
I promise I'll treasure him,
I believe our love will last forever,
undying love.

After Physics tuition,
my dearest friends celebrated with me,
Ching, Jia, Wuwu, Tong, Lanster, Lien, JYu, SYu, Sian, Lin, Ah Oh and Kim.
Luvz 'em, Muacks.

See these,

Wuwu and I

they bullied me, *tears

say cheese ;*)

*Hmmm? Where's the MV they made for me?

*gift from my mom and dad ;*)

tuition again today,

JYu cut his hair,
skin head right now,
really shocked me,
not only me,
everybody was shocked by him,
he looks silly and cute now, hahaz.

My Mr.Bii finally gives me my b'day present,

*I love euu, Mr.Bii

Euu guys made me a great b'day memories,
Thanks a lot.

And now,
mid-year term is approaching,
I need to study hard,
I'll try my best to get good result,
I don't want to make somebody look down on me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Say "Love euu" to Mommy ♥

Happy belated mother's day
I love euu, mommy~

Celebrated with my mom twice~

My cousin, Alan, came my house,
brought along his Rottweiler puppy, Machii.

*gotcha~I'm smiling with euu~bleh~~*
Is it very cute? ^^

Sis and I with Machii

He looks like a babe teddy bear ;*)

At night,
We celebrated at Coconut Island,
sis and I treated mom and grandma.
*mom didn't let me to post her photo up here,
she said very ugly wor.*

Need to follow my mom and dad to attend a wedding in KL actually,
but I made up for a very long time,
mom and dad keep hurrying me,
and I scolded them back.

How can I did that?
I'm such a disobedient daughter!
I should slap myself!
I cried, because of anger and sadness.
Sorry, daddy mommy,
really sorry.

My sis's bf fetched us to KL later,
to correct my mistake,
to say sorry to them,
and then celebrate Mother's Day once again.

Mom really very very angry with me,
she don't want to listen my voice,
don't want to see me,
or whatever about me.

Luckily mommy willing to forgive me when I tried to apologize,
I promise that I'll never do that again.

We went to 壹加壹 steamboat restaurant then.

These were what we ordered.

After dinner,
we took photos with mom.

Yea, I'm the red lady, lolz.
*I look kinda fat here.*

sis and mom.

That's all for my Mother's day celebration.
Love euu forever,

Friday, May 8, 2009

My First Poem ♥


Miss Lee "forced" us to submit those novel, essay or poem which composed by ourselves for Perak chinese writing competition.
But there is just a very very and extremely little bounty,

so stingy huh.

I always do my work at last minute,

I decided to compose a poem,

Wei Jia same group with me,

she helped me a lot.

*Thankxxx ya*


I can't believe that our poem had been chosen to take part in the competition,

because our last minute working was appreciated,

but need to "sacrifice" either Jia or me,

and only a person could be chosen.
Jia is really kind enough to give me the chance,

she told teacher I formed the idea.

thankxxx, my dearest Jia.

Miss Lee said that has some great feeling in our poem,

but she almost changed the whole poem to more standard,
no more original flavor, hahaz.

Our poem is indeed suit the recent issue, H1N1.

Have this idea in sudden, with no reason.

Original poem here,























kinda exaggerate and weird huh, hahaz,

but I like it!

Hope I could win a glory for me and my school,

although it's kinda hard to win.

It's ok, I tried my best what.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss My Mr.Bii ♥

Mr.Bii sms me few hours ago,
my gosh,
I didn't realize it,
*have to give a slap to wake myself up*

Sorry, Bii,

my phone already no credit,

I'm lazy to top up,

don't angry with me ya,

muackss ♥.

Miss Mr.Bii soooo much,

can't wait to see him.


History really make me having a headache,

My head will explode soon,

I hate those related to religion,

I can't memorize at all.

Ms Lim,
plz cancel the tuition tomorow,

we need to take a rest.

*Pray for daddy.*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fear and anxiety ♥

A deadly flu virus - H1N1 flu was broke out and spreaded out all over the world,
luckily Malaysia not one from them.

My daddy went to China for Canton Fair (廣交會) yesterday,

after I read about the risk of H1N1 flu spread into China absolutely high in newspaper,

I told daddy quickly,

all of us persuaded daddy don't go there,

why daddy such stubborn?!

Why daddy don't listen our advice?!

Although China none of suspected cases or confirmed cases till now,

we still worried.

I'm scare,

really scare,

and I cried,

*puffy eyes belonged to me the next day*

I don't want daddy go to China!

Its so dangerous!!


euu promised me euu'll be alright,

We trust euu, daddy,

we'll pray for euu, daddy,
we love euu, daddy.

everything gonna be alright...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh my messy hair ♥

I'm getting bored with my hairstyle,
need a haircut I think.

should I straighten my hair?
Oh man,
I hate my messy hair!
What type of hairstyle suitable for me?

Mid year exam is approaching,
I even haven't touch my book,
Add Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and shits really make me having a heart attack!
I'd try my best to get into all those subjects,
hope I could having the passion to study.
*I better start my revision tonight.*

Miss my babe Mr.Bii,
he'll be back soon,
look forward to see him as soon as possible,
Wanna give him a lovely kiss,
muackxx, love ♥ ya.

go for Physics tuition later,
bored again.