Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fear and anxiety ♥

A deadly flu virus - H1N1 flu was broke out and spreaded out all over the world,
luckily Malaysia not one from them.

My daddy went to China for Canton Fair (廣交會) yesterday,

after I read about the risk of H1N1 flu spread into China absolutely high in newspaper,

I told daddy quickly,

all of us persuaded daddy don't go there,

why daddy such stubborn?!

Why daddy don't listen our advice?!

Although China none of suspected cases or confirmed cases till now,

we still worried.

I'm scare,

really scare,

and I cried,

*puffy eyes belonged to me the next day*

I don't want daddy go to China!

Its so dangerous!!


euu promised me euu'll be alright,

We trust euu, daddy,

we'll pray for euu, daddy,
we love euu, daddy.

everything gonna be alright...


Łĩ ♥ said...


who r u?

y u gt my blog address de~~

and you can gv ur email address ??

v can be a friend ???

阿紫 said...

everything will be fine =)
relax and enjoy ur life without worries.
ur dad will be very touch if he read this blog,hehe =)

anyway nice to meet u here, long time din visit u at wretch liao. And nw becum more charming @@

hav a nice day =)

Yuki said...

Łĩ ♥:
I'm just a passerby~
I'm Yuki~
Sure,I'm glad~
*less online recently*

阿紫 :
euu're right~
may be I'm over worried about daddy~
I should trust him~

thankxxx ya~