Saturday, July 16, 2011


Playing with my boyfriend's webcam, teehee! ;D ;D

Had a great time with my besties in Mr.Egg's b'day.

Cute cute Mr.Egg.

Commercial for Bidor Kwong Heng ;)

Love you guys alot!
(Sadly some of my besties missed the event,Yuyu, Siew Sian, Lanster etc.)
Congratz to Christoper and Wuwu a.k.a Kae Yuan for successfully transfered to Ipoh and all the best for you!

I got a new nickname,
you know what my P.Chem tutor, Ms.Phang called me?
Sounds like Golden Retriver, LOL ==

Skype with boyfriend, teehee :)

Goodbye kissies. :-* :-*

Had a car accident on Wed,
really scared the shits out of me!
I first followed a Proton Saga, it stopped on the side of the street,
someone open the car door without checking whether there's any car at the back,
she banged the side mirror of my car when my car just passed by,
the plastic casing was broken and the glass mirror totally fractured into pieces, 渣都无得净!
Of course, she has to pay for it,
RM272 for the new side mirror(without signal light)+spray cat.
But now the problem is, mine one is actually having signal light,
Kia Spectra side mirror with signal light costs RM500++,
how could she able to afford such a high price?
Aikkssss, what a bad luck!

Finish all the Test 1,
and I've to prepare for coming Mid-term,
I'm gonna be super busy!
Not that bad for my test 1 except Bio and Phy, geez,
thanks to stupid tricking questions.
I FAILED Phy some more, Dammit!
Test 1+ Test 2(Mid-term) will bring forward to my final exam,
hopefully my Phy supplementary test will be better, at least don't failed.

I found that maintaining a good result is not that easy,
the following chapters and exams would be gettin' tougher and tougher,
I will put more effort on my studies!

I wanna keep a long long fringe like Angelababy,
grow longer please, grow longer please :(

(I wonder who is she, I love her hair as well.)
How good if I have a V-shape face like them!
Suit any type of hairstyle.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Rest for only a week and I have to start studying AGAIN!
I've to buy some reference books,
lecture notes are not enough 'cuz it just summarized all the points.
The prices of those reference books are killin' me!

Having exam UNSTOPPABLE.
Just finished my very 1st tests for this couple of week,
2nd tests and Critical Thinking Mid-term are coming soon, on next few weeks, goshhhhh.
I just realized that study foundation is not that easy,
I'm so so so TIRED and STRESSED :(

Good news here :)
I got some new friends liaoooo, akhirnyaaaaa!
Not feeling lonely anymore,
Thanks guys!
You all really delight my life in UTAR :D
(yet I still miss my besties in hometown!)

Photos taken during Bio practical:
Action of saliva and HCL in starch,
enzymatic effect of materials on H2O2 etc.
Played with chicken liver today, so cool! Although it's quite smelly...urrrgghhh

With my lovely groupmates, Ajee and Lya.
Ta-daaaaa!! Our results, effervescense occured.

My eyesight power is increasing until 200 degree, OMG.
So I have to get a new spec.

Take a look on my new spec ;)
Thanks god I got student package, it cost me RM193, the original price for this spec is about RM200++, really helped me to save some money.

Watched Transformers 3 last Saturday with my BF and Raizo,
It's so freakin' AWESOME!
Don't miss it out or you'll regret!
Stay sweet with BF always!
*Sorry for the low quality photo, 'cuz it's resized from a large Mb photo.