Monday, June 22, 2009

Flash back ♥

*Luvz my own style*

Last year in 19/6,
I couldn't forget the day,
unforgettable ever,
the end for me and Mr.TT.

Yesterday my school had a football match,
remember that last year I was still single,

just broke with Mr.TT,
*actually we haven't been together before, but we knew we love each other*

I was so silly that day,
since I knew that he had participated in the match,

I watched the match with Mr.XZ to make him feel jealous, hahaz.

At night,
I had a gathering with my friends in Kai Lin's house.

I felt regret as they didn't call me out for cake baking.

I don't know why,

may be I'm always the forgotten one,
and I've no any expectation anymore.

After that,
we went for our love,

*pandai pandai acting saja*

Do we look like having some kind of
illegal transaction? Lolz.

Psycho with an insane act, hahaz.

After returned home,

I found that bii was not happy all the day,
its my fault,

I'm sorry, forgive me.


Today I took a kinda horrible Facebook quiz,
"which Silent Hill monster are you?"
Guess whats the result.

"Arming yourself with anything you can find,
whether it be a scalpel, a knife or even an iron pipe,
you stalk down your victims with blood curdling screams.
Some people like a sexy nurse with legs to die for?
With you they'd be handing their head on a plate!"

I'm the nurse!!
I don't know which nurse am I,
puppet nurse? Bubble head nurse? or the zombie-liked nurse in Silent Hill 4?
I prefer pyramid head actually,

quite a popular creature in Silent Hill.

Weird huh?
how come a girl like such strange stuff?
without reason,
may be influenced by my bro,
or I'm crazy?
I just like to watch my bro to play those survival horror games,


edison said...

Already 1 year ady..
Why suddenly flash back & think bout him??
Yuki, u still miss him??
Then how bout ur now MR bii
If let him know, sure he very sad leh..

2 girl play mahjong = =
U know how to play it??
I just know play poker

Great Psycho @@
The picture looks like grasshopper ><"
So pro lar u..

U know silent hill??!
Not bad ya..
Less girl will know this kind of game leh as it's too scare..
I haven't play this game before..but i got Silent Hill ps2 friends told me this quite exciting.. Same like Resident Evil too..
Monster game!!Haha..
Now i play Clock Tower3 & Resident Evil not yet finish..That's two now my missions.. ^^
Maybe after done this two missions will continue play Silent Hill ady..
Yuki want to try play??

ღaemyღ said...

mahjong XD nice games ~

wretch -

Yuki said...

couldn't forget at all,
I wouldn't force myself to forget it,
as its our memories.

no lar,
we just acting for the photo shooting.
yup, i know it,
learned during chinese new year.

i'm quite weird and abnormal one, hahaz.
resident evil 4 u mean?
my bro finished it already, hoohoo.
clock tower 3 huh?
damn horrible!
freak me out man.
but i like it, i can't wait to see the corroder.
me? I can play at home,
but i'm not brave enough.

thats why i luvz it~

♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

sometimes flash back also can happi our heart~
dun make ur Mr Bii jealous then ok lo~

Yuki said...

i think he can understand me one~

♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

ya lo...he so love u~