Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schooling Day ♥

Finally the holiday end,
return to school today,
the nightmare has just begun.

I feel very disappoint on my such a shitty results,
a big contrast can be seen in my class,
some can get excellent results,
and some get bad results as mine.

Having a good results should be praised,
is having good results really can consider as a success?
Hmmmm, not at all,
but I still hope to gain a better result,
I'm a loser for this time.

An announcement here,
beware of this idiot,

This brainless idiot asked me some nonsense questions,
some descriptions are suitable for him,
porny, horny and busybody.

He asked me some porny questions,
although he said that he asked for his curiosity,
but it's none of his business,
it's my privacy what.

*sorry for the unclearness*

I really tried to be friendly and nice to him,
I explained why I'm not willing to answer it,
but he didn't appreciate it,
even dare to make me angry huh,
he chose to death.

See, I'm a devil if you treated me as a doggie or whatever shitz,
I need P.E.A.C.E.
but you broke my patience.
you're under arrested.


♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

dun b sad la~
u gan score better for next exam~

edison said...

Now are the schooling day begun..
yuki take care more & study hard ya..
Don't lose to exam..
Actually exam not so important as just we need to get the "paper" only..
Not other special..
The 1 we the most important is our knowledge..
Use brain to think..
NOT like the one idiot was found u in msn n scold u there..
I really funny & confuse there..
How come got this kind of guy cheap that till go ask girl like that questions..
If guys best friend want ask girl this kind question also will feel shy wat..
What's the hell he doing..!!
Don't know to respect people!!
Year 1993 people still brandless..
Walao~Don't know which type of school he from??
NOOB minded..!!
Good reply from u, Yuki..
Really bastard him..!!!

Besides that,
Yuki, how he got ur msn??
Next time got this kind SHIT come disturb u, u invite all ur friends inside the conservation..
See HOW he gonna to ask n said again..
See HOW dare he are???!!

Yuki said...

♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ :
i hope so~
i'll try my best~

hate study a lot~
for now, exam is important for student~
blame that i'm still a student~
cant complain much~
i dont know what the f he wanna to know~
i try to be nice~
but he still challenging me~
i dont know how he get it~
he didn't add my fs before~

edison said...

don't feel sad with ur results..
nw still have time to improve~
don't give up while facing a lot of exam~
if feel lazy to study, just leave it a side~
no need to think so much~
exam is important now~
but if it causes ur life bore - ing then useless~
GOOD LUCK to u, yuki!!
u gonna to think a way for improve urself~

maybe i think he was took from ur frenz..
i also confuse y want to knw tis kind of question from u??!!
really stupid idiot buffalo!!
wth him!! @@
hope he wont disturb u again..

Yuki said...

thanks for the advices.
I'll try my best to cope all these.

because he is porny,
i blocked him already,
he couldn't disturb me anymore.