Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aeroplane ♥

Yesterday me, Ching, Jia, Yuan and Tong had a gathering with our senior,
Zess, Zeld, Daniel and Tatt,
we expected there should be more people.
Zess, you're soooo late,
we had been waited for more than 1 hour lol,
plus, those stupid mosquito kept on kissing me,
see, we were sooo pity.

Zess fetched us to Bali Garden with his brand new car,
they then went to fetch Daniel for half an hour I guess.
Chin Wui, Joe and Kean Kee came for just a minute,
wondering where's She Luan, Eoty and the gals, *sigh*
let it be, it's okay.

Everyone turned to silent when met them,
shy I think,
only Ching and I kept on talking there,
we were sooo talkative , hahaz.
They treated us this time, heehee,
thanks a lot ya ;*)

I dreamed today,
I had a warm huggie with a person,
I don't know who is he,
he is indeed handsome and stout XD.
I love him in the dream, but I love bii in real life.
Bii, don't angry with me ya, heehee.

Suffer from menstruation pain,
can't had a lunch with my dearest family,
*sob sob*
I even felt like I'm going to vomit,
I cried, the pain really killed me!
Luckily my bii sms to accompany me.
That's why I failed to show up in our tea-time,
I put aeroplane,
really sorry ya, I'm aeroplane queen marr, XD.

I then felt better,
I got up and had my lunch,
no appetite to eat, but I really felt hungry that time,
finally I success to finish all the food, yeah.
After that I went to new cake shop, Happy Angel,
not bad huh, the place and the decoration.

Celebrated Father's Day and daddy's birthday just now,
wish daddy in pink of health always,
I love daddy, muackss.
Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday.

The school will be reopened tomorrow,
duh, boring school day,
and I'll wait for the nightmare,
I think I should bring along some medicine or pills,
or else I'll faint in class.


edison said...

sweet lar u..
so jealous u..
ur bii so good enough ady

yuki know jacky cheung songs ya??
duno u sing ady like cartoon voice or nice voice horrr??

duno worry about mid-year exam results larr
just finished holiday only..
be happy marr..
wish ur results at least gt 5 A's..
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

u have tatoo o?

Yuki said...

i'm lucky too~
because have such a good and caring bii~

sure i know~
he's sooo famous what~
i got no that kind of "娃娃音" one~

mission impossible~
i did badly in all subjects~

no larr~
it's fake~
edited in a software one~

Ying*2 said...