Friday, June 12, 2009

Untitled ♥

I've no idea for the title.

Yesterday I went Ipoh with my besties.

When we waited for taxi at the bus station,
we saw some weird ladyboy,

*the indian in green sari there*

We went for movie, Night at the Museum 2,
kinda late for that,

but its quite a nice movie for me.

*just before entering the cinema*
We then shop for whole day, heehee.
Yeah yeah, I bought a beret,

*I like my shoes, bought in KL last time*

My besties said that my whole dressed look like 楊怡 in 溏心風暴,
some kind of 偷情 look, hahaz.
Before back to Bidor,
I bought some doughnuts, not as nice as J.CO or Big Apple.

At night, I had a Window Live Call with my bii,

damn it!

I don't know what the hell is going on with streamyx,

keep on cutting off the line.

This noon I attended my Biology tuition,

BORED again.

I can't get what my teacher said so far,
Its my own problem,

not teacher's.

I really hate those who msn me when I already set to busy or away,

I mean those I really don't know one,

I can't understand why they keep on nudging me or greet me without any urgency
when I'm busy or not around,

*they are friendly thus they greet me I know,

but I hate those always nudging me the most*

some even blame me if I haven't reply 'em.

Hey sweety, I already mention that I'm busy or away kay?
*hahaz, learn from my sis, I like it*

Furthermore, I hate those who keep on asking for my hp number,
or I can say they are trying to force me,

I wouldn't give anyone that I don't recognize.

Sorry for inconvenience,
and my unfriendliness too,
don't you think that I'm cool? Lolz XD.

I promise to be a better girlfriend,
I'm indeed useless, I'm so willful,

I make you sad,

sorry bii.

Tomorrow I'll have a gathering with my senior may be,
*hope will not cancel or postpone again larr*

look forward to meet 'em.


Ying*2 said...

hi~无意间发现你的blog。没想到BIDOR有如此美丽的小姐呢~嘻嘻。 欢迎你常来^^

edison said...

yuki watch Night of Museum 2 ady ya??
How ya the movie??
I feel sad as I havent watch it yet.. T_T

wow..amazing that ur cloth is designed by ur bro.. so nice..
with the pair of match
like super star girl..
japanese ^^

don't use streamyx lorr..
change line 2 TIME..
quite good..
download n on9 fast..
no disturb n stop line..line problem less..
i think just 5% only chance problem line..
RM99 per month almost good ady..
can go ask also..

im the one don't know ur msn..
so the guys nudge u wan sure not is me..
c.. who ask u so pretty worr..
so many fans ady
later ur bii know ady jealous lorrr..
careful ya XDDD

Yuki said...


kinda funny~
really not bad~

thanks ya~
i admire my bro very much~
good in drawing and designing~

don't know what's that~
no need to change first~
I'll no use desktop after form 5~
don't want to waste money already~

not fans larr~
may be they're just feel boring~