Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st Interview ♥

I was missing for a few days,
felt very sad and desperate those days,
but after I went for PBSM camp,
I really had fun there,
I'm getting happy now,
so, don't worry, I'm okay ;*)

I had an interview for exchange student program yesterday in Ipoh,
need to wear school uniform =___=lll
looks so silly man.
Yean Tat keep on disturbing me when I make up
*he keep on sms me marrr, lolz*
I look kinda pale, so I apply some blush.

duh, fugly me.

on the way.

After reach there,
we take a lunch at Kim Bali,
nice food, environment and service as well,
no wonder Linda Chung, Moses Chan and those starz also went there for lunch.

Very nervous as its my first time to be interviewed,
some more my English quite lousy.
Its really a nightmare for me,
I'm so nervous until whole body also tremble.

When the judges trying to ask me some questions,
I can't listen a word, too panic,
and I've a sore throat, can't speak very loud and clear,
I think I failed already, *tears ;'( *
but the judges ask me whether I had practice at home or not,
I don't know what they mean actually,
are they hint that I've got the chance?

After this,
we went for shopping,
as the salon offer a student price,
I decided to straighten my hair.
*Is this the wrong decision?*
Say good bye to my messy hair.

*new me*
Do I look prettier than before? Hahaz.

Meow(my mom) and sis buy something for me,
thankss and luvz youuu.

Shiseido face powder,
I luvz the special packaged a lot.

Meow gives me her Clinique blush.

Thats all,
tomorrow will go for shopping and movie with my besties, yoohoo.
Night at the Museum, I'm coming.
*a bit late for that huh*


Sheewei said...

post ur straight hair photo ...
let me see~

Yuki said...

post liao~

♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

very nice ma~
hope ur interview successful

edison said...

yuki, why u wear school uniform still can looks like angel ?? haha..

hope ur interview well..

yuki, u buy the majolica majorca brand ya??
the brand make up thing quite good..
but expensive a bit lorrr
is japanese brand
u really want b japanese ady i think..^^