Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Header ♥

I already change the header here,
hmmmmm, nice?
or prefer previous header?

Nothing to write right now,

continue updating tomorrow may be.

Feel dizzy all the day,
but still need to finish up my revision first.
I've been tortured by History and Add maths,

Go to Ipoh later,
fetch my yiogo to his friend house.
He'll go for medical housemanship in Sarawak soon,
*some pictures might be post up afterward.*


edison said...

Yuki new look more pretty than b4
Look normal, simply but nice
Japanese style ^^
Keep going ya..
This header without make up right??

edison said...

Waiting ur new article^^

Yuki said...

not look pretty always huh?
euu mean the photo up there?
hmmmm, no make up actually~
I'd put fake eyelash using PS~
but not so obvious~

阿紫 said...

pinky header =)
looks nice lor,hehe.

Łĩ ♥ said...

can gv me ur blog address?
hv frenzster?
9 2 meet you ^^

edison said...

No larr..Yuki..
I not mean that..
u b4 is pretty, nw is pretty more
is different meaning ya..
I saw the pic.. I knw u no make up
I feel that..
tis pic shown u that looks more natural n normal
make up is 4 cover & improve ur skin 2 look nicely..
but act yuki is pretty n no need 2 make up anymore ady
I more like 2 c yuki without make up
coz that is real u
u real header, that's only is u..
so just turn back 2 urself
as ur face oredi like japanese + english^^
keep nice ya..
just use eyelash enough..
pink colour also not bad
can try 2 find it ^^

edison said...

Łĩ ♥ :
but fs i less open ady..
do u mind??
9 2 meet u too..
but i nt dare talk tis at yuki blog
u can come my blog or fs thr find me lorr^^

Łĩ ♥ said...

ok^^ i go ur blog or frenz find u^^
you also go my blog find me oh! ^!^