Monday, May 11, 2009

Say "Love euu" to Mommy ♥

Happy belated mother's day
I love euu, mommy~

Celebrated with my mom twice~

My cousin, Alan, came my house,
brought along his Rottweiler puppy, Machii.

*gotcha~I'm smiling with euu~bleh~~*
Is it very cute? ^^

Sis and I with Machii

He looks like a babe teddy bear ;*)

At night,
We celebrated at Coconut Island,
sis and I treated mom and grandma.
*mom didn't let me to post her photo up here,
she said very ugly wor.*

Need to follow my mom and dad to attend a wedding in KL actually,
but I made up for a very long time,
mom and dad keep hurrying me,
and I scolded them back.

How can I did that?
I'm such a disobedient daughter!
I should slap myself!
I cried, because of anger and sadness.
Sorry, daddy mommy,
really sorry.

My sis's bf fetched us to KL later,
to correct my mistake,
to say sorry to them,
and then celebrate Mother's Day once again.

Mom really very very angry with me,
she don't want to listen my voice,
don't want to see me,
or whatever about me.

Luckily mommy willing to forgive me when I tried to apologize,
I promise that I'll never do that again.

We went to 壹加壹 steamboat restaurant then.

These were what we ordered.

After dinner,
we took photos with mom.

Yea, I'm the red lady, lolz.
*I look kinda fat here.*

sis and mom.

That's all for my Mother's day celebration.
Love euu forever,

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