Saturday, May 16, 2009

16th B'day ♥

I'm 16 now!
Hahaz, damn excited.
I had a great b'day this year.

*gift from Toy, luvz it.

My ah gor in Singapore now, Chee How,
phoned me to greet me,
so touching.

I still remember,
last year,
Mr.TT was by my side,
he celebrated with me,
he made me an unforgettable b'day.

no more Mr.TT,
he is gone,
although I'm sad for quite a long time,
I have my Mr.Bii now,
I promise I'll treasure him,
I believe our love will last forever,
undying love.

After Physics tuition,
my dearest friends celebrated with me,
Ching, Jia, Wuwu, Tong, Lanster, Lien, JYu, SYu, Sian, Lin, Ah Oh and Kim.
Luvz 'em, Muacks.

See these,

Wuwu and I

they bullied me, *tears

say cheese ;*)

*Hmmm? Where's the MV they made for me?

*gift from my mom and dad ;*)

tuition again today,

JYu cut his hair,
skin head right now,
really shocked me,
not only me,
everybody was shocked by him,
he looks silly and cute now, hahaz.

My Mr.Bii finally gives me my b'day present,

*I love euu, Mr.Bii

Euu guys made me a great b'day memories,
Thanks a lot.

And now,
mid-year term is approaching,
I need to study hard,
I'll try my best to get good result,
I don't want to make somebody look down on me.


阿紫 said...

Happy Birthday =)
study smart and study hard for ur midterm exam ba XD

edison said...

16 year old birthday?!
Sorry..I'm late here
wish u Happy in the next year 1 year from 15th May 2009 to 14th May 2010^^

Feel sweet in ur birthday
have present n cake
so nice..
Me this 20 y/o
havent celebrate b4
no cake no present
haizzz.. sad T_T
Just have 2 or 3 person wish me
but I no care larr
every year also same wan
I just want my friends all happy then enough for me ady..
Even my dear also no celebrate with me also
zzzzz @@