Saturday, July 17, 2010


The Khidmat Negara website is still having traffic jam till today,
so I checked through SMS,
guess what did they replied me?

"TANIAH! 93051508XXXX TERPILIH menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011..."
I can't believe my eyes that time,
after tenble checking...I'm sure that,
I wonder why am I so lucky,
actually I'm kinda looking forward to it,
I think it must be fun=)
Hopefully I could in batch 2.

Dated with Bii Bii today,
always go to the same place-KFC.

We watched a movie,
大内密探零零发by Stephen Chow.
I didn't watch for a long time lur,
still freaking funny yeay.
I guess it's much more better than the new one acted by Louis Khoo.

Photos section=)

Bii, you know?
You look handsome when you're smiling=D
Sorry for I'm not dare to upload to Facebook,
'cause I really worry that someone would go and tell mommy.
Btw, I love you dear

Messi here,
I brought it home after finishing my drink=p

My poor mp3,
work for me a long time, since I was in Standard 6 or Form 1,
and now, I think he could rest forever,
I don't know why he can just leave me so suddenly=(

And my stupid handphone,
my memory card still remains 600++MB free,
I've no idea why is the pop-out panel states that my phone is lack of memory, duh.
Feel like throwing my phone away, >.<

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