Thursday, June 24, 2010

FMA Art piece♥

Time & date shown is wrong,
now suppose is 12:32AM on 24/6.

Congrats to myself,

finally I'm able to finish my art piece=)
Well, Imma send it to En.Pauzi tomorrow,
hopefully can be chosen to publish in school magazine lar.
Pray for me...

I really put quite a lot of effort on it,
though I was just "copied" from book.
Since I was late to start my work,
plus, I need to think of what should be drawn at first lar,
after then I gotta draft it, modify then, start to draw, colour a lil bit......
must takes some time one.

*I only did a bit light editing so that it can be seen clearly=)*
Hmmmm, nice?
Alphonse's (I mean, the armor) chest seems like...CACAT liao XD
yea, my drawing skill problem.

Bii Bii is always the first viewer of my art piece=)
Both of us love this anime deeply!
I do prefer the old series than the newer series,
bcoz I haven't finish watching the new one=D

Specially thanks to this,
my b'day present by my bro and dai sou when I was 15=)

P/S: Can't wait for Saturday, date with Bii Bii