Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh man,
eating bread for all three meals yesterday,
I never felt energized,
but I've no choice what,
I was ill,
plus, my parents went to Ipoh liao.

Though I'm still suffering from flu,
*don't worry,
not H1N1, seriously!*
Dear Bii Bii made me a bottle of "leong shui",
100% no preservative,
no food colouring,
so it's safe to drink, heehee.
And, guess what?
I feel more better now=)

Thanks Bii Bii

I'm upset for my shitty exam results,
laziness fault=(

Suan le ba, let it be......
don't ask, don't talk bout it,

P/S: Happy belated Daddy's Day=)

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