Thursday, November 26, 2009

Extended ham's family ♥

Went Sunway Pyramid on Monday.

Blue blue one=)

I had this at lunch,

not bad huh.

I'm in love with this European decoration.

Bought a dress and a tee at Kitschen,

*pls ignore wat I holdin*

This guy was playin "從開始到現在" that time,

that's my favorite song,
it brought me a lot of memories...
those happiness and sadness...


Oh yea,

My hamster gave birth to babies,

I wish to take a photo of 'em,
but I still waitin for the chance.

I think he's the daddy for the babies,
woi, don't sleep lor,
it was your responsibility to protect your family,
and don't berfoya-foya liao.
impossible lar.

I could see how the mother hamster take a good care for her dearest babies,
feed 'em,

protect 'em,

warm 'em with love,

that's what we known as MOTHERLY LOVE.

Woah, how noble a mother is,
and father too,


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