Friday, November 27, 2009

Bake or not bake?? ♥

I found my backup file CD in yiogo's CD case by chance,
lot of old funny photos and videos of mine,
lot of games,
lot of those old stuff.

I then copied the ZSNES into my pc,
kept on playing the games,
Demon Crest, Megaman X2, Final Fantasy VI etc.

my favorite Final Fantasy series ever,
since I was still a kid.

Love the story,
love the soundtrack,
love the characters.

Here are some screenshots,

Felt great as I could played it once again.

Two more days to go until dear's b'day,
I still haven't prepare his present!!

Calm down babe,
I plan to bake cookies for him,
or bread would be the better choice??

Which would him prefer??

I scare my VIRGIN COOKIE/BREAD BAKING will disappointed him,
I even scare I'll miss the chance to bake,
due to some "accidents".
I've promised him,
I shall bake for him!!

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