Monday, October 5, 2009

I think I should be thankful. ♥

I really appreciate my friends who support me when I'm in trouble,
especially thanks to Jia, Lyn, Bear, Evia, Cheryl, Francis, Babev, Yunz,
as well as Bii=)
*I know some of you care about me,
sorry as I didn't list you out*
You know, this is what we call as TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

Okay, change our topic.
we brought our doggies, Bubu and Jet to go for a ride,

they enjoyed themselves so much.

At noon,

I followed my bro went to Ipoh,
gosh, totally forgot I still have a Physics tuition class at night!!

Focus the lil boy and my bro in front,
both of them are playing PSP huh!
A bit like father and son, muahahahaha.

Nothing much to buy,
just wanna buy BB cream,
I've been recommended to buy this,

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream
BB cream + lip balm + blush
costs about RM134 if I'm not mistaken.

it's really attracting me,
I wanna find a part time job and earn more money,
for me to buy clothes, contact lens, beauty products etc.

don't think too much about my job,
need to concentrate on my approaching exam first.
How am I going to continue my revision??
I'm nervous and I can't really understand what I studied till now,

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