Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dating with HIM. ♥

I think my hamster will give birth to babies soon,
two of them hid under the small cabin in their cage since yesterday night,
are they tried to do something?
you know what I mean right? XD

Went to Ipoh with my gang today,
Bii took the chance to have a dating with me,
heehee, syok!

First time to went for shopping accompanied by my silly him,
I was gettin' nervous that time.

There's has no any latest movie showing in the stupid theater in Ipoh Parade,
I wanna watch either Final Destination 4 or Guai Tam as in my planning before,
but now, damn it!

Silly bii brought me to K-box at around 5:00p.m. ,
gonna wait for a room for half an hour.
Oh man, I got to go at 6:30p.m. ,
that means we only have an hour to go!!!
*he asked for few times to get a room before, but there were fully booked.*

I don't care,
I wanna sing with him next time!!

you'll sitting for the last day of exam tomorrow,
don't forget what you promised me before,
wish you all the best ya,
muacks muacks muacks,
give you those warm kissie.

P/S: wanna order new pair of lens and some clothes online.

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