Monday, September 21, 2009

Three lil Hamsters. ♥

I bought three lil hamsters from Judy's Pet Shop today,
they're super cute and super lively!!

Hmmm, I think this cage is too big for 'em.

After we brought them back,
we helped them to take a bath.

Dad was pouring too much water into the pail,
caused one of them had almost drowned,
poor lil hamster, *sob sob.*
He was fainting when scared, haha.
But he's okay right now,
thanks god.

Breeding hamsters is fun and easy than the others,
what I worry about is they will give birth to baby hamsters,
*oh my god.*

Do anyone wanna buy those baby hamsters from me later?
costs RM16 per hamster, can ask for discount, LOLX.

NO WAY, I can't be so cruel.

P/S: Thanks to dad and mom willing to buy for me, heehee.

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