Friday, October 1, 2010

Study for a Good Future!

SPM countdown:
52 days to go!


I don't really sure what to study in future.
Food Science? Nutrition? Biotech? Business? Design?
More to Nutrition may be,
as it's a trend now,

getting more and more people realise the importance of good health.

Or, the others better?


Sista phoned me yesterday,

she told me the techniques to study well,

'cause time is short now.

1.) Find out the best subject and the worst.

2.) Get your priorities right.

The worst subjects as the first priorities, next, the medium one, then, the best.

This means we should more focus on the worst one.

3.) Make an analysis of past year questions.

4.) Plan a time-table.
5.) Do more practises on model test papers and trial papers from other schools.

6.) Sleep well and take a good care of yourselves


Finally, Bii went for working at Genting,

left me alone here=(
He said he work for me actually.

He knows that I love photoshooting, that's why he wanna buy a DSLR.

He knows that I'll probably work there, that's why he work there too.

And I'm right here waiting for him,

I know he'll bring himself back to me no matter how long.

Bii's favorite photo=D

Look how scary we are=

I asked him to set as phone wallpaper,

so that he can exorcise those dirty thingy, LOL.

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