Sunday, January 3, 2010

Broken Promise. ♥

Outing with friends yesterday night,
I promised Bii I won't drink beer,

At last,
I broke it,
and I...cheated him,
I'm so SORRY, dear.

My face turned totally red then,
but I was still conscious.
I was just drank a lil bit,
not more than last time, really.

I've the sense of disobeying and betraying you,
BUT I don't mean it...

Or may be I'll drink when you're around.
At least,
you're there with me,
you won't be so worried.

SORRY that I said,
not to beg your forgiveness,
because I'm the one who lie you.

I just want you to trust me,
TRUST ME again.

P/S: Happy New Year guys!

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