Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marvin b'day celebration. ♥

we celebrated Marvin's b'day at Salim,
his actual b'day on 19th Oct,
we celebrated ealier.

our dear "Shau Sing Gong", Marvin here.

Is the spec suits me?
Hmmm, I think it's quite okay.

*say CHEESE!*
pity Lanster as the photographer was not inside these photos.

Met our seniors there,
I think they didn't saw us as we sat too far from them,
and I saw Mr.TT, *a bit shocked* any special feeling then.

Took a lot of photos,
I'll upload to Facebook after collecting all photos.
Friends, stay tuned=)

my mom and sis gave me these,

BB cream sample and Clinique sunblock sample=)

My dai shou then applied mascara and fibre on my eyelashes,
as we know,
fibre can lengthen our eyelashes,
but also need to depend how many time we apply larr.

Have a look on the result,

*not clear in my photo.*
woohooo, seems like putting fake eyelashes,
apply a few more times will look better I think, haha.

study time again.
I've no enough time to study but still can't stop onlining, *sigh*

Stop myself from being controlled by computer......

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