Thursday, October 15, 2009

I didn't go to school today,
study at home better=)

Yoo, I almost finish my Chemistry,
and I'll continue my Biology.

Yuki, Ganbatteh neh ;*)

I wanna change my blogspot layout After exam ,
some of my friends said that this layout a bit "ma fan",
don't know where can drop comment and link the others.

My bro sms me yesterday,
his first message scared me,
"hey I saw ur blog. Talked bad bout me? Lol."
may be bout "like father and son" I wrote in old posts I guess.

Then he replied,
"bout the being model stuff la. lol. but all ppl here said u r pretty. So mayb there will reli be a photo shoot in future."

Awww, was I dreaming yesterday????
I wondered who played trick with me,
a bit doubtful whether he is my bro or not, LOL XD.

Although that's what he told me,
I'm not confirm whether its true or what.

I know Bii felt upset to heard this,
sry ya,
I shouldn't do something that could make you sad,
you told you can't be the one who encourage me although you really hope yourself to accept and inspire me with confidence.

I can feel your encouragement from your heart,
may be the modelling stuff couldn't be true,
don't be so upset and worried bout me, kay?

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