Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The LOVE between US. ♥

Bii Bii forces me to write this article,
*he sure angry with me after read this.*

Dated with him again on last friday when I went for a BBQ,
Bii Bii came and fetched me by motorbike at about 9:30 p.m. ,
and my friends tried to snap me while I waiting for him, duh...

He fetched me to a park nearby his friend's house,
they were having a BBQ too!

We sat on a playground slide and having our sweet time,
we ate together,
we sang some songs,
and...and...we...had a...
we had a FAKE MARRIAGE there!
The moon and stars was awoke by the wedding song that played on phone,
"I do", we said,
we know we love each other truly and deeply,
we then exchanged our "wedding rings" that made of grass.
The moon and the starts were the witnesses of our love.

It's the most romantic and the sweetest moment under the moonlit night that we ever had.
you're mine,
I sense that our love is unbreakable,
could it be true?

drawn by Bii=)

P/S: Finally I put a chat box in "gossip", drop some comments ya, only for those who are be nice to me.

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