Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great day. ♥

Followed mom and her friends to Mr.Lim Poh Guang's orchard on last Sunday,
*I don't know whether I got the right spelling or not.*

A sunny day with the lush of greenery,
what a nice scenery huh.

what I hope and need.

MANGOES!! I think they're not yet ripe.

the uncle and auntie were busy for picking water apples.

Fresh water apples that was just picked for us.


Mom was hiding behind a shady tree, gotcha!

Since it was too hot, I tied my hair up.

Orange mushroom??

After meal,
they came our house,

Bubu and Jet Jet felt bored I knew.

On the way to Coldstream for our dinner.

Yuki, Queenie and Robin.
some uncles and aunties said that Queenie and I look the same,
what lar, she looks much more younger and cuter than me ;*)

And Robin,
he will further his study in England very soon,
he studies structural engineering if I'm not mistaken.
Wish you all the best ya,
hope we can meet someday,

Robin suggested me study Pre-U in Malaysia,
after that studying abroad,
dad said if I could get a qualifying result,
he'll send me to overseas.
*will it really may achieve?*
Hope it could be true ;*)

Bii finally gave the half-year anniversary's gift for me yesterday,
is a 8gb pendrive!!
Bii, I really need it,
and I need your love much more.

muacksssss ~
*on 14th August actually, heehee.*

somebody spread my phone number again,
some anonymous phone calls and sms keep on disturbing me,
*Hey, please be mannered when you try to get know with a new friend,
not forcing or rude to him/her, that's my advice.*

I can be friendly to everyone if he/she treat me well and able to understand me,
I don't wanna get angry with anyone,
hatred may poisoning myself,
so I'll try to reply you a smile no matter how are you going to treat me,
as I also don't wanna you to hate me actually.

Need to change my phone number again I guess.

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