Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get started. ♥

Silly Mr.Bii msn and drew a lot for me,

We then talked about my pet dog, Bruce.
*I called him Bubu.*

purple one is my drawings, red one is he's drawings.

I like "shi fat" version's Bubu, haha.

I went to Ipoh yesterday,
brought grandmom for subsequent hospital visit,
we had our breakfast at Fu Shan Dim Sum.

After visiting the doctor,
we went Ipoh Parade for SHOPPING.
*but I heard that Parade got people infected with H1N1.*
Whatever, we brought along our mask.

Then, we went inside a beauty shop,
I tried to apply the glitter eyeliner,
the salesgirl recommended me to apply the blue one,

*can't see clearly huh?*

suit me?
I didn't buy it, as it's too expensive.

I chatted a lot with the salesgirl there,
happy to have a new friend,
*some more she praised me =) *
may be can ask for discount next time, muahahaha.

Let's have a look on what I bought,

and I bought presents for Mr.Bii too,
but I can't show them right now ;*)

*a bit exaggerate*
What a bad weather huh!

See what's the influences,

my garden was in a mess,

the tree fell down again, sigh.

poor Bubu and Jet need to bear with this shitty weather.

Mr.Bii force me get start to study,
I asked him to do so actually.
Hmmm, better brush up my Chemistry, Physics and Add Maths,
but I choose to study Biology for today, heehee.


♪♫♥寒♥雪精灵♥♪♫ said...

gambateh for ur exam~
sweet sweet wif ur bii~

yiin said...

study hard for ur exam..gud luck =)