Monday, September 7, 2009

Annual Dinner. ♥

Finally I changed the layout successfully,
I took a long time to edit it,

Yesterday I attended to 醬油同業公會 annual dinner at Ipoh,
yo, it's the chance for me to try on my enlarging contact lens and applied the Majolica Majorca eye shadow, heehee.

Woohoo, I looked fair in these photo, syok!

Mom and I.

Later then, a handsome guy sat beside me,
syok habis, muahahaha.
*Bii, don't jealous larr, muacks.*

Camwhore again in the toilet,

Dad, as the president gave a speech,

Actually I wanna wear this gown,

but mom said it's too mature for me,
some more it's quite sexy.

I know you guys might be feel bored with my photos,
but you got no choice,
you still need to bear with me, hahahaha.

but then,


After I removed make-up and contact lens,

eyes became smaller again, duh...

Nothing else to post,
dewa mata~

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