Saturday, August 8, 2009

韓江學院下鄉服務團 ♥

We are inside the newspaper,

Spot me?

Talent competition for today,
organized by 韓江學院下鄉服務團 at SJK (c) Choong Hua 2.
I took part in it,
I chose to sing in solo and team.
Xiao Y, Kimmy, Lin and Sian were in a team,
Jia, Yuan and I were in another team.

Xiao Y, Kimmy, Lin, Sian, Yuan, Jia gathered at my house at around 4p.m.
we were all busy for choosing our performance clothing and songs.

I like the whole look, but it's not what I wore on.

*before going out.*

I chose the song 同手同腳 in solo and 獨領風騷 in team,
we named our team as 黑3,
*weird name, hahaz.*
they chose 慶祝 and named as 4人行.
Actually, we got no time to make singing practices as we wasted a lot of time in clothing.

I was so nervous that time,
keep on considering whether I should sing.

舞龍 performed by SMJK Sam Tet Ipoh,

See, I'm so nervous.

quite a okay performance for me,
as it's my first time to sing on the stage,
some more there're so many audiences.

Teachers, friends and mommy gave me the thumbs up,
awwhh man,

just a very short clip,
the whole performance I haven't take from Tong or Lin.

it's 4人行's turn,
really not bad huh,
and I like their dress up a lot,
like a lil princess.

it's our turn,
don't know what style we are, hahaz.
Failed to achieve my expectation,
as we forgot the lyric, muahaha.

I was a bit disappoint because I didn't won any prize in solo,
*the second runner-up really did bad worr.*
but we won third place in team,
should I say we were just lucky?

with the staff.

After the show,
we celebrated Lanster's birthday at my house.

wish you have a happy birthday ;*)

woah, cool wow.
seems that they luvz my top hat very much ya.

韓江學院下鄉服務團 organized a camp 《游戏森林成长营》 for the lil kids,

*while waiting for Lin.*

Sian and I was the counsellor for Monkey Group,
grouped by 6 lil galz and a lil boy,
the boy was so lucky to same group with the galz huh, hahaz.

I hope to shout out,
like a baby sitter,
need to take a very good care of them,
you know lar, the kids nowaday.

Luckily my group member are not that naughty,
they are cute, indeed.
So we can handle them easily,
I'm sure I can be a caring mommy in future, muahahaha.

Pity Lanster,
need to deal with those naughty kiddy.
Lanster, learn to be a good papa is like that geh, be patient lar, hahaz.

We learnt dances and sign language,
it's really fun!
I felt lucky to be a helper in the camp ;*)

Since we cannot wear shoes in the hall and canteen,
as a result,

Soooooo dirty man!

I found that a person really look like Mr.TT a lot,
I still got hurt when I looked at the person,
made me thought back of Mr.TT.
I know I shouldn't like that,
sorry, really sorry.

Before back home,

Kylie and Yuki

Yuki and 阿梅

丫丫 and 阿梅

Yuki and 文勝

2 funny guys, 廷治 and 文勝, they're very humour.
We tried to act cute, hahaz.

woah, 廷治 sooooo sexy.

嘉欣 and 丫丫

Yuki and 嘉欣

思伶, 囌妮 and 丫丫

思伶, 囌妮 and Yuki

月欣, Yuki and 志濠

其倫 and Yuki
*I'm so fugly.*

He looks exactly alike with Mr.TT,
I mean the appearance, not included hairstyle, hahaz.

*I'm trying to stop the camera.*

I mean the piggy, muahaha.
*both of them also cute.*

I haven't photo with all the staff,
they seem busy.

rubbish around.

When I saw this, I said “哇,個細路讀到嘔血啊”
The kid read the front page also vomit blood,
prove that the kids nowaday being stressed.

And at the last page,
reddish stain again,
I said “個個細路睇完最尾一面好激動,又嘔多一擺血”

After cleaning up all the mess,
we gonna back home,
we have a dinner actually,
felt very very regret!!!

I wanna have a gathering with them again,
heart you guys very much.


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