Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop lazy and get up. ♥

*Luvz this shot*

changed my header,
simple edit but I think its quite okay, right?

Yesterday hanged out with friends,
ate steamboat at Tong's house.
Its been a long time I didn't laugh and smile with true-hearted,
but yesterday I did.

I luvz the feel,
sat together and grabbed the food,
chat around the table,
the peals of laughter,
warmth of friendship,
these is what I hope and need.

Having a test very soon,
I think I should focus on my study,
or else failure I'll make again.

Especially Add Maths and Physics,
almost failed those subjects,
may be its the first time I got such marks,
why other people could scored 90++ but I can't?
Because of my laziness,
work hard ya babe.


lee said...

do more exercise for Add Maths la..
it's nt very hard..
jia you la..=D

Yuki said...

okay okay~
thanks ya~

Sam Wong said...

ya。。。。very nice edit...
good luck in test...gambateh..
dun be lazy again lo...
all the best

Yuki said...

*sam wong*