Friday, July 17, 2009

iSwap Face. ♥

Yesterday I back earlier from school again,
suffering from menstruation pain,
awwhh man,
hate it.

At night, celebrated Siew Sian's b'day at Bali Garden,
sweet 16 ya ;*)
Gossip with Jia and Bear a lot,
wonder why the person wanna act like this, gosh.

I luvz Marvin's iPhone a lot lot man,
I luvz those special features!!
transplant one face onto another,

I'm still tryin' to get all photos from Marvin and friends,
well, Marvin,
I want those funny photos first,
send me immediately huh!

Physics tuition at 7:30p.m.
we look for a new teacher,
don't know how is he,
heard that he's kinda handsome,
hope that he'll not make us feel disappoint ya, heehee.

P/S: May be I could get all photos later on, upload as soon as possible.

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Sam Wong said...

Wish your frd Happy birthday