Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plz Stop The Time ♥

I painted my school with my classmates,
for our civic project.

Yea, that's me.
I like my pose, so cool, lolz.

Funny face.


Guess who is he. ;*)
*no presents for this*
A clue here,
he is a handsome prefect in my school, hahaz.

Tong and I celebrated with him just a day before his actual birthday.

I look kinda fat in this photo,
I think I have to lose my weight.

Happy Birthday to him and Tatt.

Tatt is in national service now,
wondering how he feel today,
happy or sad?
miss his buddies?

Do euu still remember,
I celebrated with euu last year, right?
Although its just a short while,
I'm happy.
*We're just friends, best friends ever.*

Bidor run today,
I didn't go there even though my father's company is one of the sponsors,
Because I went Ipoh with Ching's family.

I watched the movie, Coming Soon with Ching,
Its really freak me out!
I even screamed in the cinema!
Luckily I don't have heart disease,
otherwise it'll scare me to death I guess, hahaz.

Oh man,
school day again tomorrow,
stop the time now plz.


elby_xiaobei said...

why wanna blur tat guy's face?

Anonymous said...

this shirt so ordinary la..
so can see many guy have...
i bought at johor o...

Yuki said...

because i don't want to expose his leng zai face first marr~

Yuki said...

ya lor~
i bought in kl one~

Sheewei said...

liew yu han~

Yuki said...

clever wor~
how euu know one~?

Sheewei said...

my feeling tell me de~