Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Listen to me ♥

Teachers hinted that they had viewed most student's blogs,
they'll know what are we wrote,
she also mentioned that most of the students like to use dirty words to scold someone.

I viewed Elby's blog just now,

I strongly agree what she said.

here are some of my comments and opinions.


I think that blog is a place for us to express our feelings.
we admit that we've use some coarse language,
we just want to blow off some steam,
and vent out anger, kay?
Some more we didn't mention who are them,
if they feel to get hurt,
that's their business.

We can't complain at school,

we can't complain to whoever,

we can't do anything,

then where or who should we complain to?

or hide all those anger and dissatisfaction and say to no one?

Do euu know how suffering we are?

Or just have a good cry?

"No, how can I do this? It'll make me a pair of puffy eyes!"

We allow euu to view our blogs,
euu may give any advice,

but please,

don't judge us,

don't jeer at us,

don't look down on us,
don't counsel us,

unnecessary and not that serious actually,
don't waste euur time.

We welcome those understanding guests,

those could considerate and understanding our feelings,

if euu can't do that,
can euu don't bother us and ignore whatever we did?

Our hate wouldn't cause anyone in physical injuries or even lead them to death,

am I right?


give us some freedom and space,

euu are smothering us.

I learnt a moral poem yesterday-If,
I damn luvz it man! ;*)
So I recommend euu to read,

*aiya, form 4's literature also have what.*
Anyone who haven't read and interest in it,

euu can link to

I'm not going to force myself to follow all those advices,

but I'll try to bear to hear the truth I've spoken,

twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
*the above sentence I copied from the poem and modified a lil bit, hahaz*

Oh gosh,
the weather is getting shitty.

Really unbearable!


Sheewei said...

my wrtech de blog also got complain the teacher
but lock jor~
y choong hua's teacher so busybody de?

elby_xiaobei said...

whos da teacher??

Yuki said...

me too~
but long time ago already~
may be they are too "caring" us~

i'll tell euu in msn~

elby_xiaobei said...

erm...kay~ find me if euu free la^^