Monday, April 12, 2010

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The story is bout,
the main character, Harry Mason searches for his daughter, Cheryl,
in a mysterious town of Silent Hill.
It's a quiet, abandoned town veiled by supernaturally thick fog.

And weird disfigured creature may chase you,
you are not able to attack 'em,
only you can run for your life,

It's quite different from the other series of Silent Hill,
Players can shape Harry Mason by solving some puzzles or what,
and the creatures taking the form the player's deepest fear.
So, different players could experience different thing,
quite interesting=)

What will you do if you accidentally step into Silent Hill?
Do you think you can escape from this town?

I'm definitely a weirdo,
addicted to this kind of survival horror games.

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