Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Convo again=) ♥

I skipped school on Tuesday,
as I attended to my sister's convo,
yea, its my sister's turn ;*)

before going out.

Hot weather that day,
all those stupid bacteria or virus had been killed under such hot sunny day,
no more H1N1 I guess, yeah.

Mommy was no allowed to enter the hall,
the guard said that mom's skirt was TOO SHORT,
errhmm, excuse me sir,
the skirt already long until cover the knees,
still consider as short skirt huh?!
What the hell your eyes looking on?!

Finally sister's boyfriend entered the hall,
and we went for shopping at Plaza Metro Kajang.
see these,
cute chubby lil hamster,

sooooooo cute.

And I bought a sunglasses,

I don't know it suits me or not,
anyway, I like it.

cool mommy in sunglasses.

About 4:30p.m.
we back to UKM once again to take photo with sister,
since the weather was so hot,
we sat under the shady bower.

After taking photos,
camwhoring time for me.

We had our dinner in Miyagi,
a japanese restaurant,

mommy can't wait to eat, haha.

chicken teppanyaki zen,
looks nice, taste nice.

After our meal,
it's the time to return to Bidor.

menstrual pain killed me,
felt wanna vomit again,
back home earlier today.
Thanks to Jia Jia and Bear Bear for accompany during I was suffered.

1 comment:

Sam Wong said...

convo's again ah...cong to ur sister...
u look very pretty in the pic...
wah..crazy ah..until knees also said to short ah..