Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The return. ♥

I'm so sorry for my lost again,
always update my Wretch,
I got no mood to update both with two similar articles by just changing the languages,
I'm terribly sorry ;'(

You guys can link my Wretch,
there's more photos and updates.

this morning had an aerobic exercise at school with the song of Poco-poco,
I realized that I had this before in camp last year,
lagi teruk,
as we had another chicky dance, WEIRD but FUN.

our beloved Miss Lim's birthday today,
actually we had a tuition,
but we went and celebrated with her,
*an advantage, no need to tuition, hahaz.*
We took a lot of photos,
but I haven't collect all,
photos might be uploaded as soon as possible if I'm free.

I luvz photo shooting,
but I'll never have a chance to become a model I guess,
I'm too short!! Darn!!
My senior had invited me for photo shooting before,
the first time or it can consider as the last time,
I'm really interest on it,
unfortunately my mom didn't allow me to do so,
may be she afraid that my senior'll cheat me or what.
*sob sob*
Could I have the chance again?

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