Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday. ♥

Happy Birthday to Kai Lin and Kimmy,

sweet 16 ;*)

Yesterday my aunt and uncle from Holland back to Bidor,

sure they'll buy us some sweets and M&M chocolate,

My Bii went for scout camping today,
can't sms with him, *tears ;'(

he was recommended as the president of the camp,

I'm proud of him, muacks .

Celebrated birthday at Salim with Lin and Kimmy after Physics tuition,

*Make a wish*

Jia Yu made two cakes for this time,

one is chocolate cake, another one is cheese cake,

although they look a bit "weird", hahaz,

but taste good,

he's so talented =)

Miss Yuki.


fugly me kissed the weird greeny Prince Croaky.

Kena tangkap.

Shooting again,

Kimmy, me, Lin, YuYu and Xiao Y.

Nice shot, best captured among all photos for me.
*I still luvz your dimple, Lin.*

Marvin and Yuki.

An unexplainable relation between us,
may consider as relatives.

I'm so fugly.

Yuki and Siew Sian.

This is better.

Hari Anugerah for tomorrow,
need to wake up early again,
as I'm in charge of PA system, *sigh*


Sam Wong said...

Wish Happy Belated Birthday to ur friends...
then to night need sleep early oh..
Wah...PA system oh...can play any music u like..hihi

Yuki said...

thanks ya=)
i keep on playing lady gaga's songs~